This page contains photos and links to videos and other media. If you want to buy a CD, you can do that over at our web store! You can buy our original release, Taking Flight, or our newer CD, On the Wing!


We have a lot of photos. We don't want to overwhelm you with too many images, so we'll include a couple here, and if you want to see more, head over to our facebook page to see lots more!


We have several videos on our YouTube page, and our friend Fugli has uploaded a couple of videos of us as well. You can find all of these on our channel, and we've even arranged them into playlists so you can see our entire show if you like, or just a couple of songs here and there!

In particular, check out the 360° video of us jamming with Fugli and two of the three members of Emerald Flame! We all played together on 'Sam's Song of Old Troll' Sunday morning before the fair began!

Other Media

The Renaissance Festival Podcast came to Norman to do their 257th episode on the Norman fair. That podcast features one of our songs! It's wrongly attributed in the podcast itself as 'Chick Pipers' by Brizeus, but it's actually our song 'Over by the Riverside.' And if you're a patron of the show, you can hear our original song 'Awakening to the Dream' on the Patron-only version as well!

We were featured again in the 265th Episode, the 'Love Songs at Faire' episode. Our song 'Paper of Pins' was included in that podcast.

Then, on Episode 283, Fugli did round table interviews with various performers at the Norman Fair. We are included in this show talking about our strangest experience, and then they play our song 'Awakening to the Dream.'

We were featured again on Episode 338, when they played our song 'The Lark in the Morning.'

We appeared once more when our song 'The Nightingale' was played on Episode 376.