Enjoy the music of Éiníní!

Fergus and Winifred posing by a small fountain. Winifred is sitting beside the fountain holding a recorder. Fergus is standing behind her with his guitar. They are both dressed in blue renaissance garb. Three plush birds are sitting on top of the fountain.


Éiníní is a musical duo, made up of Fergus na mEabhrac, the bard, and Winifred, the minstrel. These two musicians are sharing their love of folk music from all over the world. We love creating beautiful music, and we sincerely hope that you will love listening to that music!

We take our name from the traditional Irish Gaelic lullaby, It is pronounced eh-NEE-nee, and it means 'little birds.'


We have two albums available for digital download in our online store. If you prefer physical CDs, you can buy them in person at any of our shows!

Virtual Tip Jar

If you'd like to leave a little something in our tip jar so that these two birdies can buy some bird seed, please head over to our virtual tip jar!

Upcoming Performances

  • We have two upcoming shows at Sean Cumming's Irish Restaurant:
    • Saturday, 24 February at 6:30
    • Saturday, 9 March at 6:30
  • We'll be at the Medieval Fair of Norman for three days:
    • Friday, 5 April to Sunday 7 April
    • Showtimes are 11:30, 2,30, and 5,30 all three days
    • We'll be on the Troubadour Stage (inside the red and white tent) for every show EXCEPT the 2:30 show on Saturday, when we'll be at the Royal Court
  • We've been invited to perform at the first annual Gem of the Chikaskias festival! This will be on Saturday 13 April. It's in the Memorial Park by the high school in Blackwell, Oklahoma. For more information, see the Facebook event page.
  • We'll return to the Great Plains Renaissance Festival in Wichita on 20 and 21 April. Check out their webpage for more details.
  • We have also been asked to berform at the Secret Garden Medieval and Fantasy Fair in Shawnee. This event runs from 26 to 28 April, but we won't be there on Friday. We'll only be there on 27 and 28 April. See the Facebook page for more.

Past performances:

We have performed at the University of Oklahoma Medieval Fair in Norman, from 2014 to 2023, including submitting videos for the virtual fair that occurred in 2021. We look forward to performing there again many times in the future!

We've also performed at a couple of private events, including a wake, a medieval re-enactment group's Samhain feast, and a special church event. We even performed a fan appreciation concert in 2015!

Other performances include:

  • Cowley County Renaissance Festival - 2014 Harvest Festival
  • Grand Lakes Renaissance Festival - 2015 and 2016
  • Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts - 2015 and 2018
  • Heavener Runestone Viking/Celtic Festival - Autumn 2016 to Autumn 2019
  • Great Plains Renaissance Festival - Autumn 2017 to Autumn 2023
  • OKC Renaissance Festival - 2022 and 2023
  • Ada Medieval Fair - 2017
  • Route 66 Renaissance Festival - 2017
  • Sean Cumming's Irish Restaurant - 2018 to 2023

We're always on the lookout for chances to perform at festivals or private venues. If you'd like to have us play for you, then by all means, please contact us!

Mailing List

We'll send out an email (we'll try for once a month, but we may not meet that goal) with information about our current activities and upcoming shows. If you want to be added to it, head over to our contact page and send us a message with the address you'd like us to use!  

If you're on Facebook, please like our page to keep up with what we're doing! You can get notifications of upcoming performances, see photos and videos, and even contact us through the Facebook messenger.

Sample Audio

Below are two mp3s, recorded during rehearsal sessions, to give you an idea of how we sound.  You can listen to the songs in the embedded media player (the gray bar with the play button) or download the mp3 to your computer to listen to us whenever you want. Some web browsers (especially on mobile devices such as smartphones or iPads) may not recognise the media player; just tap the file name (in blue) next to the speaker icon to hear the song.

The first track, called 'Over by the Riverside,' is a traditional 16th century French piece which has been translated into modern English. The second is a traditional Irish song called 'Old Maid in the Garret.'


over-by-the-riverside.mp3 over-by-the-riverside.mp3
Size : 3568.154 Kb
Type : mp3


old-maid-in-the-garret.mp3 old-maid-in-the-garret.mp3
Size : 4230.492 Kb
Type : mp3

In addition to singing songs, we have added musical stories to our repertoire. Below is a video of 'The Story of Lúsmor,' our first musical story, unveiled at the 2018 Medieval Fair. Special thanks to Fugli for recording and sharing this video!


We love music of all kinds, from all different points in history. We like to take traditional music and put our own particular twist on it. Sometimes, that means just playing a simple song in a straightforward way; singing with strumming guitar for accompaniment. Sometimes, that means coming up with a beautiful arrangement and finding some simple but beautiful harmony (like we did for "Over By the Riverside," "Nottamun Town," and the rounds: "Heigh Ho/Bird/Rose/Soul Cakes"). We don't limit ourselves to any one style; though most of our music tends to be of Irish origin, we've sung in Spanish and Swedish, and have performed music from England and France as well.

For us, making music is its own reward, and getting to share that music with others is an even greater reward! We very much look forward to having a lasting presence and making new friends. As long as we can make beautiful music, we will always enjoy the process and the results, and we hope that you will too!